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    SC Observations


      Hello. I'm new to Application Control so I'm trying to understand its functions based on documentation and my exciting environment.

      I'm working with an XP computer. I have already installed Solidcore 6.2 and have put it in observe mode. It ran the solidification process. According to the documentation (Application Control Product Guide), I can leave the computer in observation mode for few days and install\run applications. This activity is supposed to show up under Menu - Application Control - Observations; however, I don't see the Observations option under Application Control. If I go to Inventory and search my computer, I can then see the applications collected by the solidification process. But what happens to the new applications I install on the computer, where do they get reported on the EPO. I also checked the Policy Discovery page and that is empty too. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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          Asif, can you exit observe mode, download and run a new application and check if you see any event in Policy Discovery page? Are you using App Control 6.2 Product Guide? Policy Discovery page was referred to as Observation in 6.1.2 and previous MAC releases.



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            Hello All. The issue here was the McAfee agent 5.0.1. This agent version does not work with Application Control. You have to have 5.0.2 in order for Application Control to work properly. At least it is the case in my environment. Thanks.