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    Where does the 'Help' > 'About VirusScan Enterprise' get info from


      We use VirusScan Enterprise  8.8

      In order to see the DAT file date in use, I simply open the VirusScan console and then select 'Help' and then 'About VirusScan Enterprise'


      My question is this

      Where does McAfee pull this data from?

      Reason I ask is because we have a numerous number servers that are being checked regularly as to if they have the current DAT file.

      I would rather not login to each server to check the "user guide"

      Eg, the latest patch for AV virus defs is 7599.0000

      Where can I get this data in a log file or similar that shows what level a product is at?

      Once I know, then I would like to script this daily so I can see which servers didn't get the latest dat file update.