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    WHY?  SiteAdvisor



      I think we have fallen into the rabbit hole, nothing about our experience with Intel makes any sense and defies all logic.  We feel we are being shaken down by McAfee/Intel whomever you are these days to purchase security software from your company.  We stood up a new site over the weekend, http://aqua8472.com and discovered your Site Advisor or Web Advisor is arbitrarily reporting our site as "suspicious," why?  The site has no downloads, no external links and no plugins.  What could possible be "suspicious?"  Is it the js for google analytics?  We reviewed our logs and could not find that you have even looked at the site.


      We tried to register on siteadvisor as directed in the highly inflammatory message about the site not being safe, which is absurd, but no confirmation email ever generated, we then wrote to support@siteadvisor.com, which generated a 550 bounce; lovely.  We then continued to create more logins and give up more and more email addresses for you to harvest with nothing but automated responses.  We called support and were told to purchase your saas product for removal.  We had our ISP, Silicon Valley Web Hosting review the site, they found nothing,  they even set up rdns to the dedicated ip, no difference.


      This feels like a shakedown. pay up or get blocked.


      ~David Dold

      JDDL Design.

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          Here's the correct URL to check your new site - https://www.trustedsource.org/


          If you've not done so, register and dispute your classification. You'll get an automated response with a ticket number.


          You can also email sites@mcafee.com (with your ticket number).


          I expect the classification is mainly because your domain has no history and perhaps because of it's numeric content - it looks very much like an automated spam domain name (English word followed by random digits). That's just a guess though.


          There's nothing you can pay for which will in any way affect your site reputation - there's no "fast track". Thus, your accusation of a "shakedown" is invalid.

          If you post your support ticket number I can look into why you were advised to buy the SAAS product - The only thing I can think of is you called consumer support and they simply didn't understand what your problem.

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            First aqua is a Spanish word not an English word, is that the reason, 8472 is not random.  Is this what you base the block on?  Do you arbitrarily block every new site?  The IP is in San Jose, it is dedicated, there is an rdns entry.  Call SVWH if you want.  Besides, dont you work for Intel?   Our attorney is advising sending a cease and desist, you have left us with no choice.  If this is not a shakedown, then what would you call it?  By your own admission you have no idea why the site is being blocked, meaning, you have no objective data to support this inflammatory and baseless ranking.  This is called tortuous interference, interfering with another business to cause harm.   Objectively defend your ranking or take it down.

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              Hey - I was trying to be helpful and point you in the right direction to get this solved. I have no idea why your domain has been flagged, because I have nothing to do with the url reputations - you are completely right, I don't have any objective or factual data whatsoever, only a hunch and a modicum of experience on what causes this, and some experience how best to resolve it, which I took a moment of my lunchtime to share with you.


              Feel free to share that ticket number I asked for - maybe one of the moderators will be kind enough to ask someone else to look into it.

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                Again, dont you work for Intel/McAfee?  Please, correct me if I am wrong the information I am basing this on is from your other post where it says that you do, Bad or Miscatagorized Site Reports  Your post promises to immediately resolve these exact type of problems, now you want sympathy that your company is acting like a thug. 


                Here is what it looks like to anyone with Android or has installed your security software, kind damning dont you think?  It says right there that you have reviewed this site, which we can prove is a flat out lie, you have never been to our site and we have the logs to prove it.


                This is nothing but a shakedown, we are not the first company to raise this complaint. 


                Again, objectively defend this ranking or take it down.



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                  Hi fingpissed,

                  Please post the below info so that I can request a review for myself on your behalf


                  1. Website url: www.aqua8472.com

                  2. Category of the Website:

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                    You are very kind, however, Intel is intransigent on our site for no objective reason.  You can see from the post's from the guy that works there, SafeBoot, he admits there is no justification for this ranking; none.  The site is essentially Hello World from an IP ( in San Jose, California in the United States of America with no negative reputation as an ISP, there ip ranges, nor this particular ip.  Like I have said there are no external links, no downloads, no plugins.  aqua8472, if you are a Voyager fan then you may know what 8472 references. 


                    The "category" of the website, which is a McAfee designation is "business"  There choices of designation seem to target dating and adult not ecommerce.  If Verizon had not put this on all their customer's phones, I could give a flip.  Honestly who buys security software anymore, its free, McAfee is a dying business, so they are shacking down every last penny they can as Intel shuts them down.


                    More attorney fees, lucky us.


                    David v Goliath. 

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                      I actually said


                      I expect the classification is mainly because your domain has no history and perhaps because of it's numeric content - it looks very much like an automated spam domain name (English word followed by random digits). That's just a guess though.


                      I didn't give any specifics as to why you got the yellow reputation - I don't know exactly (as I said later on). If you're going to paraphrase me have the courtesy to do it accurately.


                      Oh, and Selvan works for McAfee as well - he kindly got involved after I reached out to him internally even though it's just past midnight where he is.

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                        Have opened a ticket with Trusted Source #1103844 please standby for further update

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                          Thanks Selvan - sorry to keep you up so late.

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