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    SuperAgent repository randomly dissapearing and Agent 5.x Problems


      Hi All.


      Not long ago I build a new ePO 5.3 server running Windows 2012 R2 to run alongside our existing 4.6.8 and we will migrate clients in time. Part of that process I also created some other servers to make into SuperAgent repositories, again also running Windows 2012 R2 on VMWare.


      My problem is that every day for the past few weeks, at least one, but can be several of the SuperAgent repositories disappear / go offline. By this I mean the repository will not show in the distributed repositories chart and list. Other times, in the Repository policy within ePO, that repository will move to the bottom of the user defined list (which we use) and go into a disabled state. There has also been a time where the repository folder (set to D:\AntiVirus\ePOSA in the ePO policy) appeared on the C drive. There are times where the clients fail to update saying they cannot find the catalog.z file (checking the folder on the SuperAgent I can confirm that file is missing) and other times the clients fail with unable to find a valid repository.


      Then today, after removing the SuperAgent policy assigned to a server, uninstalling the agent, reinstalling the agent and assigning a newly created SuperAgent repository (this time the path is set to C:\AntiVirus\ePOSA) all seemed to be working until an hour or so later the repository again disappeared. Logging into the server in question, I loaded the agent monitor and when clicking "collect and send props" after a few seconds a red line appeared saying "Agent failed to collect properties".


      I have been using ePO since version 4 and never had this problem. I appreciate there are a lot of different problems described in this post but I'm convinced they all point to the agent installation on the SuperAgent. The agent installed is Is there something I am missing, something I have overlooked?


      If anyone is able to help, I'm more than happy to post log files to help identify the fault, just tell me which ones.


      If it helps, the ePO database is SQL and is on a separate server. We have 2 agent handlers, the ePO server itself and one in the DMZ. I believe I have set these up correctly but maybe worth checking with someone.