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    Artemis info update


      It's an update to the post i've post this morning.

      So i've run another scan only on drive C and found 1 Artemis Then I've opened Security History Then go to Viruses and other threats dectected I found out In total their where 4 Artemis on my pc and all come from my external all hard drive  i think

      1st one ; From sony vegas pro crack my friend send me name:Artemis B932EC254B99.

      2nd one and 3rd one has the same but different location one from poweriso-64.exe on the external hard drive i think and the other one from appdata OCsetupahalp.dll name:Artemis A490F943077F.

      4th and last one. Artemis 3B1F20A1A107 from Plants vs zombie .

      But in security report it says viruses and other threats removed or quarantined 3 so thier is still one on the computer. how do i know and how do i remove it ?


      Btw is Artemis dangerous and can it travel thor email ?


      And Why The Potentially malicious incoming connection blocked keep increasing it is now 876 and same for Suspicious incoming network connection blocked which have different Source IP address  is 876 too.


      i have McAfee webAdvisor  and adblock plus on google chrome do you thick that  is the cause of those incoming connection block or it's something else causing that.


      What is causing it?

      Am getting worried because before i know all this stuff i was using this laptop  2 sign in my email and google account on google chrome and that is the same account i use on my android tablet and smartphone am being paranoid maybe the virus will hack all my account block my play store acc etc.....