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    Help with MyAvert on EPO 4.0! Not updating....

      Hi folks. I have been setting up EPO 4.0 for the first time, and as we have moved to a new server and are not continuing with the machine which 3.6.1 was installed on, it's the first time I have ever had to configure EPO from a fresh install. I inherited the 3.6.1 box when it was running 3.5 and have learned it from there, upgrading along the way.

      I seem to be starting to get to grips now with 4.0, although there are still areas I'm unsure of. My DATs are updating daily, however, the MyAvert threats are not. On the dashboard it just tells me they were not successful. I'm a little bit confused to be honest. I have told it the correct proxy details but under proxy authentication, I can only enter a username and no password, unless I click the change password tick box and then enter a new password. Why do I need to enter a new password?? I don't get it!

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          Can't really help you, but I kinda have the same problem. We changed IP's for a few servers last week, amongst the ePO server.

          Now on the dashboard for MyAvert the DAT shows:
          My Repository: 5213.000 (that's up-to-date)
          Latest Available: 5209.000

          Lukily it's not the other way around and the clients are still updated correctly.

          But I guess the dashboard needs to be re-created or something?

          Kind Regards,
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            The input box saves your password once entered. It is not the usual way but it works :-)

            Did you set the proxy in the Configuration section ? In ePO 4 the AVERT Update proxy must be configured seperately ...
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              See if you can goto :


              From a web browser on the server.

              If you can't get to that page then you have some proxy or firewall issue.
              • 4. MyAvert on EPO 4.0 Dashboard not updating..

                I have same issue with my EPO 4 server.

                I am able to get Latest SDAT report, but not getting any my avert update on dashborad. Also check in Reporting => MyAvert
                It shows only few update

                MyAvert Security Threats Options
                Choose Columns
                Export Table
                Filter: Unread Read High Risk Medium Risk Low Risk All
                Threat Protection Risk Discovery Date Type Status

                W32/Netsky.b@MM Protection Available Medium 2004/02/18 Virus Read
                W32/Sobig.e@MM Protection Available Medium 2003/06/25 Virus Read
                W32/Bugbear.b@MM Protection Available Medium 2003/06/04 Virus Read
                W32/Sobig.c@MM Protection Available Medium 2003/05/31 Virus Read
                W32/Sobig.b@MM Protection Available Medium 2003/05/18 Virus Read
                W32/Fizzer@MM Protection Available Medium 2003/05/08 Virus Read
                W32/Sobig.a@MM Protection Available Medium 2003/01/09 Virus Read
                W32/Yaha.k@MM Protection Available Medium 2002/12/21 Virus Read
                W32/Klez.h@MM Protection Available Medium 2002/04/17 Virus Read
                BackDoor-FB.svr.gen Protection Available Medium 2002/01/28 Trojan Read

                Please help me.

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                  yes....i got some infected PC, but there is no related information shown on that...