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    McAfee SecurityCenter Update Issue




      I ran into the "McAfee cannot update your software. Please check your Internet connection" problem today, which I've seen listed elsewhere on the forums. Thankfully temporarily disabling Access Protection allows McAfee to update normally but it's not particularly convenient. I thought this problem had been patched months ago and have never experienced it until now. I've also been getting the "infinite spinning blue disk" issue others have mentioned.

      Here's the current build info:


      McAfee SecurityCenter


      Version; 14.0

      Build: 14.0.4121

      Affld: 105


      Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware


      Version: 18.0

      Build: 18.0.4054

      Last Update: 19/10/2015

      Engine Version: 2410.0


      After the update installed I tried manually checking for updates again to see what would happen, Oddly, it just said "You have the latest updates available", so now I can't tell if the error message was a one-off, part of a larger problem or due to the previous build (2409.0) which has now been fixed.

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