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    HIPS Custom Signature for File access


      I have luckily drawn the short straw and have been handed a project to protect some data.  I am trying to implement this through HIPS.  I need to be able to read all of the data from this special folder, block writes, and block the data from being copied from this special folder to all locations except local drives. There are two exceptions two this rule.  They should be able to write to two subfolders within the special folder and local drives.  I can get the rule to trigger in the HIPS console just fine.  Now I am working on the exceptions.  Where would I put in the exceptions for all local drives and "SpecialFolder1" and "SpecialFolder2" to allow them to write these files to those locations.




      Chris Priester





      I got the two folders excluded, but still cannot manage to exclude local hard drives.


      i have tried:

      files {exclude "C:\\**"}


      drive_types {exclude "HardDrive"}


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!