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    ESM and DSM




      I'm installing an ESM and a DMS. I set up an IP from the Lan in both applicances.

      But 3 days later they told me to change the LAN segment for

      After the IP switch I'm unable to get to the DSM. I'm able to log in the ESM but I can't ping or telnet the DSM to the new IP.

      I've an open case with mcafee but they gave me a KB KB74464 but it doesn't worked then I tryied the KB83135 but nothing.

      Does some one had this issue before?

      is there a way to do a factory reset?

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          Did you try Re-Keying the device?

          Did you verify that the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway's are correct on both appliances.

          Can you ssh directly to the DSM from your computer?


          If you need to wipe out the existing keys:


          Re-keying a SIEM Appliance to Factory Default (needed for various reasons)

          # cat /etc/NitroGuard/factory-id_rsa.pub > /root/.ssh/authorized_keys2

          # cat /root/.ssh/authorized_keys2 (should see “Default shared secret ID” at the end of the key)


          Clearing the SSH Key for a SIEM Appliance on the ESM (used in conjunction with copying over factory default on device – or when retiring a device)

          # ssh-keygen -R x.x.x.x (clears the SSH key on the ESM for an attached Device)