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    Many, many Analyzer Profiles created - what to do?

    Sean Slattery

      Hello, over time, our ATD (recently upgraded to has accumulated many analyzer profiles. We only have 3 VM profiles: Android, WinXPx32 and Win7x64 and normally seven Analyzer Profiles Android, WinXP, Win7 and TIE OS Autoselect, and MEG for Android, MEG for WinXP and MEG for Win7.


      But here's the thing, we have NA-176 (Android), NA-177 (WinXP), and NA-178 (WIn7) all the way to NA-6687 (Android), NA-6688 (WinXP), and NA-6689 (Win7).


      Can someone please explain where these are coming from and how I can remove them in bulk?


      Thank you in advance.