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    GetSusp - deploying and using from the ePO server


      Hi all,


      First off, is the latest version still

      Second, maybe I'm asking too much of this product. But for it being around since 2010, I would think it'd be common place.

      Here's what I have done so far:

      Added getsusp to the master repository

      Created ePO group

      Created client task to deploy getsusp. using command line: --email=email@company.com --zippath=C:\

      Assigned client task to the group and scheduled run immediate

      I have 3 Windows systems that I am testing with and can see the activity in the agent status monitor

      When I move the 3 systems to the group, I see in the agent status monitor that the client gets the task, it installs getsusp and runs it

      I open C:\ and see that the folder and logs are created

      The above works as expected


      Here's what doesn't work: the email I enter in the command line for the client task... what's the point of this? I thought I would get an email of the results similar to when I run the executable on the client system itself. You know, when you modify the preferences. Is it not designed for this?

      I've read several articles on getsusp on the communities page, but maybe I missed that "one" that would solve my problems. I've tried using a path instead of email, no luck.


      What I am ultimately looking for is to be able to tell a "team". Drop systems in this group, kick back and in a few mins, you'll get the results in your email. Is this something getsusp can do?


      thank you for the assistance.