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    Cannot Update VirusScan Enterprise 7.0


      Sorry, long story.  We used Network Associates programs including ViruScan Enterprise 7.0 until we were bought out by another company, who had us switch to another vendor.

      However we had purchased a lifetime license from McAfee and continued to use VSE Enterprise 7.0 on our web server which was not in the new domain.  I was transferred to corporate for several years and am now back locally.  The web server in question is windows 2003 Web Server with VSE 7.0 installed.  I am getting reacquainted with all the servers and workstations as the person handling the web server left our employ.  I just logged onto said server and noticed in the VSE program that the update had failed, so I tried to do a scan.  It told me it had not been updated in 66 months or since March of 2010, and of course the update failed as this is probably no longer supported.  See attached jpeg .

      My problem is this, I gave the Grant Number from McAfee to this person who is gone and I cannot find any record of it to allow me to open a ticket with Support.  Can it be recovered from this install?

      Since the database is obsolete and the weekly scans stopped moons ago I decided to run Stinger to make sure nothing had acquired o foothold, it was clean as far as Stinger is concerned.

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          Hi Pierre,


          Welcome to the forums.


          VirusScan Enterprise 7.0 has not been supported for many many years.


          The Grant Number is not retrievable from the product.


          A Perpetual License does Not mean a Perpetual Grant Number (which provides support, updates, and upgrades).


          As your images state, the latest Engine (v5400) and DAT files (v5937) are the ones you already have, VSE v7 cannot support the newer engines and the newer architecture of the v2 (or v3) DAT files. So, your perpetual license has been surpassed by newer technology.


          Unfortunately, New malware constantly appears and requires new anti-malware technology to counter the new problems occurring daily. I am impressed that Stinger did Not find anything on your system, given the long delay in updates and scans. It's great that nothing was found, but I wouldn't trust in good luck to protect you further.


          Thus, I would recommend a complete removal of VSE v7.0 and replacing with a fresh license of VSE with a New Grant Number. Given the 66 months of in-attention to a Web Server, I wonder what other areas have not been given appropriate attention as well. I would begin a thorough review of all systems in this network and evaluate the exposure. Certainly, other systems are likely to be at risk. This should help in deciding the Node count in purchasing the newest release of VSE.


          At any rate, if you remove VSE 7.0 and replace it with whatever corporate license that is current, you should be able to mitigate further risk to this web server.


          Good luck. Post back with additional questions.



          Ron Metzger

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            Thanks for the quick response, and complete response.

            I was pretty much prepared for your answer.

            Luckily I am the one responsible for the domain servers and they are all up to date.  the web server was left to the programmer, who did not keep it up as we can well see.  Not a good practice in these days.

            The server is very old and has been flashing a warning sign for a long time.  I offered to purchase a new one, but was not deemed necessary as the Application/Program running was going to be moved, never happened.

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              On top of that, I assume that server is Win2K or Server 2003? Both are no longer supported by Microsoft.