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    How to delete an erroneous secondary manager IP from a sensor


      For some unknown reason, I've noticed that one of our sensors has a secondary IP address for the primary manager config.  I have no idea why or how this got there as we just moved this sensor from an NSM 8.1 instance to a new 8.2 instance via "deinstall" and "setup".  During the setup wizard when it prompts you for a secondary IP, none was listed and we selected "No" to that question.  However, it still has an extra IP.  This IP strangely belongs to our dev 8.2 instance, but that instance has never even had this sensor in it to the best of my (and my team's) knowledge, so it makes no sense to me.  I found the sensor CLI command "set manager secondary ip" and thought maybe using would remove it, but that fails of course.  Then I found the command "deletemgrsecintf" which seems to be exactly what I want but when I run that, I just get an error that reads "This operation is not allowed while in MDR mode. Please do this operation from the Manager."  So I'm not sure how to proceed as I don't know of a way to run sensor CLI commands from the Manager nor do I know how to find this IP address within the Manager.


      Here's the trimmed output from the "show" command--the "" example IP is the one that doesn't belong in my case.


      [Manager Config]

      Manager IP addr         :          (primary intf)

      Manager IP addr         :          (secondary intf)



      [Peer Manager Config]

      Manager IP addr         :           (primary intf)


      Thanks in advance!