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    EPO Domain Sync & Folders

      Just recently i setup a domain sync and a domain in my EPO 3.6 with folders for each OU in that domain under it. However, whenever a new machine is pulled in from the sync it is dropped in the domain root site and not the OU folder that it should be in. What did i configure wrong or need to change to have it pull to its proper folder?
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          nope, you didnt do anything wrong at all - in 3.6.x it is a pile of $%^& and it is working as designed.

          however there is hope - in ePO 4.0 the feature actually works, and does what you would expect !
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            Well thats just poop on a stick. So is the best way to keep things organized to just use AD Discovery and have each OU as a different site?
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              well, it was decided that newly imported machines would be put in the lost and found container of the root lost and found for the AD mapping point configured...... genius....

              as for how you want to organise them, AD might not be the way for you...

              if you have no need to apply policies to computers in specific AD user groups, then it doesnt really matter where you put your computers, they can all just sit in the root folder.

              if you really feel that AD synch is for you, then seriously, use ePO 4.0 the amount of time it will save you in admin will be massive, if you have a large domain, or you have a lot of churn ( new machines added old machines removed)

              its worth mentioning that RSD isnt in ePO 4.0 yet, if that is important to you