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    ePO 4 install SQL port error

      I am installing epo4 with a remote SQL2005 enterprise server on W2K3.

      on SQL2005 (EPODB), i installed a named instance = EPOSERVER (as indicated in install guide)

      on epo server when i install, I specified the following under set DB info:

      SQL Authentication - <user>\<psswd>
      TCP port = 1433

      the following error appear:

      The SQL Server TCP port does not match the selected database server

      I have verified the following is working:
      - able ping to EPODB.XYZ.COM
      - able to set up an odbc connection on epo server to EPODB.XYZ.COM using login credentials

      Anything that I need to check/do to resolve this?
      Thanks in advance for any help!
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          It is TCP port 1433 you have configured in SQL config manager then?
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            on the sql server, run the util called svrnetcn , choose the \eposerver instance from the drop down list, and check that tcpip is listed as available on the right hand side, and look at the properties of it. it will list its TCP port.

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              Did you check that the SQL server is accepting remote connections?
              Also make sure that it is allowed through the firewall, it may be basic but the windows firewall has forgotten exceptions on me in the past.
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                Yes, confirmed on SQL that instance is listening on tcp port 1433, and accepting remote connections. no network firewall rules blocking yet as this is new network setup.

                I was able to create an odbc (system DSN) successfully on epo server to EPODB.XYZ.COM\EPOSERVER using the same credential I keyed in for epo installation. thus confirmed not windows firewall blocking

                could it be a bug on epo 4.0 installation or incompatibility with remote SQL2005 enterprise edition? I have logged a support call this morning.
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                  Is there MDAC 2.8 installed on the remote SQL ?
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                    I managed to find out what's wrong, with the help of the log files generated.

                    I had keyed in the FQDN of the DB server "EPODB.XYZ.COM\EPOSERVER" since that was how it was registered in DNS, & I was able to connect to the DB via odbc.

                    but the installer somehow discovered only "EPODB" without the domain postfix, hence the discrepancy with what I keyed in, and it returned this port mismatch error.

                    The installer went thru after I changed to "EPODB\EPOSERVER"

                    Thanks for all your help!