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    ePO or SCCM




      I've been asked the question what advantages do we have in deploying VSE and McAfee Agent trough ePO instead of SCCM. Personelly, i do not use SCCM, so it's kind of hard to answer that question.


      Can someone give me an insight.



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          Hi There,

                         SCCM usually has an administrator that will assemble your framepkg.exe (McAfee Agent) and VSE for deployment. This approach allows for a deliberate delivery and measurement of whether it arrived\deployed successfully to the endpoint. The ePO approach will allow you, the ePO administrator, to deliver the same packages and measure your success via the dashboards containing appropriate queries. You would need to make sure the admin$ share is available along with the registry service being enabled. You could use a combined approach of various levels of experience to get this software deployed. If you have 5.x you can use the product deployment feature to continuously monitor the delivery of these packages until they are successful. Older versions of ePO will require a client task approach instead..


          Companies that have SCCM like to use this approach since they poured money into the investment and want to show a return. Your clients would require a McAfee Agent in order to deliver any subsequent mcafee software. The SCCM requires its agent for further software delivery. I personally like the combination approach or overlap to get the job done. In the end you will measure results from the ePO console. SCCM may have access to client locations where ePO cannot access due to firewall ports and perhaps that has been allowed for SCCM. There are a lot of ifs\ands or buts. Due to the open ended nature of your question this offers some insight. Hope it helps.