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    My mailing worm exclusions not working


      Good day.


      One of my clients and I've been having an issue with the mass mailing worm exclusions.


      We installed a monitoring tool that send a mail when a program failed to execute its task on the computer. This tool uses a normal SMTP connection that is only established and active for the 30 seconds it takes to send the mail.


      We noticed these notifications have been blocked by all computers that have Mcfee on. I added the tool as an exception to the mass mailing worms exclusions. This is a tempry fix and the tool stays in the exclusions for two or 3 mails, then Mcfee goes into a protective mode and removes the exclusion. I have excluded the monitoring tool from all scans but the exclusion still gets cleared.


      Is there a feature that I am missing that removes any changes made by the user? If so how can i disable this?