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    VSE installs not working - Workflow to fix this


      So we have a server task set up in ePO to deploy VSE to new workstations.  What we have found is for whatever reason on-access can, access protection or both are disabled and VSE is basically not working.  What I've been doing is:


      1. manually connecting to the remote machine via RDP
      2. removing VSE
      3. rebotting
      4. Install VSE via the setup files
      5. Adding to the remote machines registries the keys for mfehidk and it's sub keys found in System\CurrentCOntrolSet\services


      Step 5 is optional and was only done at the request of McAfee support when we were unable to have a VSE install work correctly.  Here are my thoughts on automating the process.  I wanted the communities feedback to see if any others have put in place something similiar.


      1. Create a new query that checks all managed systems for OA scan disabled and/or AP disabled. 
      2. Create a server task that runs the query and will move the systems to a group in system tree.
      3. Create a server task for this group which uninstall VSE.
      4. Create a new query which checks for OA scan and AP to be set to unknown.
      5. Create a server task based on step 4 query which runs a VSE install and moves the workstation back to its correct group in the system tree.