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      I have McAfee Antivirus Plus 2015 installed on Windows 10 and was wondering how long it takes for new version program updates to take place? I know the 2016 version is out. Should I just download the newest version and install over 2015? Thanks.

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          Updates/upgrades are automatic as long as your subscription is current.  The actual upgrade can occur at wildly different times for different subscribers as it all depends on a) where they are and b) how they obtain the product, as in direct from McAfee or via a 3rd party; ISP or PC maker for instance.

          In the latter case it can be considerably delayed by that 3rd party and there is nothing that McAfee can do to expedite that as it's out of their hands.


          It also depends on a computer being totally updated in all aspects,. including Internet Explorer, even if that browser is never used.

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            Thank you Ex_Brit. So when will I get it? lol JUst kidding. Thanks again for the prompt reply. I will patiently wait for a program upgrade. 2015 seems to be working fine on Windows 10.  Take care

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              It'll happen when it happens....LOL

              All the best ;-)

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                  Note I assume you saw an advert for 2016

                  By saying 2016 out that is a marketing ploy it is 2015 version re named. McAfee and other firms do this around October every year the current version is 14.0. 5084 2016 would show 15.*.* and is not even out in beta as yet. I would expect March for retail release of Mcafee Security Center 15.*.*.

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                    I saw a PC Magazine review and it made me think it was available. Then I saw the McAfee website showing 2016 on the box in the picture. Still, I believe you hit the nail on the head here. Thanks. 

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                      When I look at the advertise here in Sweden the new version seems to differ from the 2015 version for example the new version of Internet security suite includes protection of all devices pc,tablet etc with only one license. So you can install it at all your devices without need to pay extra. It also includes a password manager for example. As for myself I have two laptops. One with Mcafee internet security suite installed and the other has a different brand installed. That other laptops antivirus license expires in a couple of months. So it would be convinient to have the opurtunity to install the McAfee product on that one when that license expires. The McAfee license is valid for another 400 days. Will this be possible I wonder. And another thing if a firm advertise and sells a product, as far as for me I expect to get the product the firm is advertising for with all the new functions.

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                        May I ask what Version of McAfee Security Center you have? And yes, it is my understanding that McAfee has added protection for other devices as well, which formally were only available in the 'Higher Tier Suites'  Could you also furnish your Affid: number please?


                        Keep in mind also, that your McAfee Web Advisor monitors your password as well, given the fact you have that particular feature enabled.


                        All the best,


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                          Hi there.

                          Currently I have Mc Afee internet security suite 2015. It was preinstalled with a try version of an earlier version on my laptop when I bought it some years ago. I have then renewed the license several times after that. the version is as follows. 14.0 build 14.0.4121 affid 662.

                          So if I get it right I get the program via Acer. Through the years I have had to reinstall the product a couple of times allways following the procedures that McAfee recomends. So When I download it again via the McAfee acount and the installation is completed, again it says via Acer. Is there anyway to get rid of that via Acer and get it directly from McAfee ? Because as Ex-Brit points out it can take quite a long time for third party to distrubute new updates of the programe.

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