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    McAfee Keeps Getting Stuck At "Checking for Updates" 0% and Computer Wakes Up Randomly from McAfee


      This has been the 5th time this week where I have to restart my computer because McAfee can't seem to get past downloading updates. I have run MVT, uninstalled, ran the cleanup, re-installed and still it has not been successful. My subscription is current and I'm about fed up with the fact that there is no way to stop any processes from task manager or stop the services. Is there anything I can do?


      I also noticed that there was a scheduled task that was added in to wake up my computer to run "McAfee Auto Maintenance Task Agent". Why would we want to wake up a computer to run maintenance? This should be notified to the end user that these tasks will be run and then given an option to wake up or run in background.


      Thanks in advance