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    EPO 3.6.1 - no login anymore after fresh install, W2k3SP2 Server


      this tuesday i installed EPO 3.6.1 (fresh download) on a W2k3SP2 server.
      pretty fresh server on vmware ESX 3.

      at first everything went well. i've had problems the get clients status info
      shown at the EPO. rollout was fine, but no data about the clients got shown
      within EPO.

      wanting to continue my work yesterday the EPO no longer let me log in
      at the EPO managment interface (port 8443 SSL). all possible hostnames
      are tried (hostname, IP, localhost etc)

      accessing rogue detection via browser still works with my login:


      so my credentials are correct.
      but there is no way to login to the server at the EPO interface.

      the server ran some OS updates like ASP.DOTnet etc

      i really have no clue what to do here since 3.6.1 should work with W2k3SP2.

      logging in at the reports with database credentials works. logging in with EPO-auth
      doesnt work.

      help urgently requested!