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    Problem reinstalling McAfee


      Hi !

      I am Windows 10 user.

      Since several days I had a problem with real-time scanning which was off. I followed all the steps to try to fix it, but no success. Si I had to finally uninstall McAfee I followed all the steps described in the support document.

      Then it came up to installing McAfee back and there was trouble ! I follow all usual steps and when I enter the series number, I have an error message sayong that this number is already used and that I have to shut down my browser and start the download over again. It was the same thing 3-4 times. And when I tryed it again, I have another error message saying that either I have no connection or McAfee server is not available ...

      Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong with this series number ? And what is the problem with the download ?


      Thank you very much in advance !