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    Remove VSE and Agent




      I have a PC that currently has agent and VSE installed, but it is currently in an unmanaged state.


      The client does not appear in the EPO console, and when I try to remove the agent or VSE using the McAfee_Removal_Tool.exe or via control panel it wont let me, because access protection is enabled, and the option to disable it is greyed out.


      I have tried running the FramePkg.exe but this does nothing.


      I am hoping there is a way I can force remove VSE and the agent.


      I have tried McAfee KnowledgeBase - but the Network Associates folder does not exist and the only thing in c:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework is traceapp.dll so I cant find the frminst.exe anywhere.


      Please can someone advise on how I can remove the agent.

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          Hey mate,


          as for the folder you are looking at the wrongplace for agent 5 on x64 Systems.

          Its: c:\program files\mcafee\agent\x86


          Here you should be able to uninstall the agent with framepkg.exe /forceuninstall


          Concerning VSE I think you should be able to uninstall it when the agent is gone.




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            Thanks for the help, however when I try that I get the error another program is being installed. Please wait etc. I have rebooted the PC and tried again, still no luck, I still get the same message.

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              Hey Mate,


              You can remove VSE from EPO by running VSE uninstall task (Admin access Required) .

              or at CMD open your Command Promt and type:


              1. Cd\

              2. got the folder  path where your Mcafee Agent is installed  and type framepkg.exe /forceuninstall  or Type FrmInst.exe /forceuninstall 

              3.it will Successfully remove your VSE

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                I cant remove VSE from EPO as the client does not appear on the EPO console.

                I have tried to remove using CMD with the /forceuninstall switch and get the another program is being installed error.


                Really stuck now as the client doesn't have the option to view the McAfee Agent Status Monitor where I can force it to talk to the EPO.

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                  Run this Command to see McAfee Agent Status Monitor


                  C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework>cmdagent.exe  /s

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                    Open the VirusScan console, and select Tools->Unlock User Interface.

                    Enter your unlock code.

                    Right click Access Protection and Select Disable.

                    Using Add/Remove Programs, uninstall VirusScan

                    Open an elevated commend prompt, CD to the mcafee common framework folder, and run the command frminst /remove=agent


                    Then, you can re-install everything again

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                      Guys thanks for all the help, but unfortunately i am still stuck.


                      I have opened up the Agent Monitor, but it just sits at Collecting Properties, and it still doesn't appear in the EPO.


                      As for disabling the access protection, unfortunately I don't know the access code. Any idea how I can obtain this?

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                        Hi Smaled,


                        Please verify Epo server IP and client ...

                        Mean to say check go on client machine >>mcafee agent>>about>>check or verify the server ip it must be your epo server ip..



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                          If the system has ever been in contact with the ePO server, it would have got the VirusScan unlock password from there.  You'll have to ask your Virusscan administrator what the password is.


                          Password policy is here:

                          Within ePO, go to Menu Policy Catalog

                          Choose VirusScan 8.8

                          Choose General Policies

                          Open your policy and click on the Password Options.  Unfortunately, once set you can't view the password, and because it's not in contact with ePO you won't be able to change it with ePO.

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