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    Security Center Issue


      I have been a McA customer for years, through every one of my computers.

      I have always done once a week updates and have had no issues doing so.(Well, not entirely true, but those issues happened years ago and since Intel bought McA, things have really improved.)


      Today, I did my updates, Security Center downloaded the updates, installed and indicated "Successful",  "your computer is secure {no action required)".


      Now here's my question. Over the years I recall that every so often Security Center itself would be updated, which would require a reboot. I have noticed over the past months, that I have not had to do a reboot, meaning there hasn't been a Security Center update.

      In reading the forums I noticed that users were talking about version 14 or so of security center. When i checked my Security Center version it is reading 12.8.992, last updated 11/14.


      Why am I able to get updates indicating my computer is secure, and yet Security center itself is not the most current Version and is not updating?


      I'm hoping this doesn't become a hassle....


      I am W7 x64 Dell factory installed.



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          Peter M

          Hi degreg_1


          Make sure your Windows 7 is totally up to date, i.e. SP1 and all updates since.   Plus, and this is important because McAfee uses it in the background (even if you don't), make sure that Internet Explorer is version 11 and at default settings.   You should eventually receive the update to v14.x but there could be two factors why you haven't got it thus far and I mentioned one, the other being maybe your software comes via a 3rd party, your ISP or PC maker for instance, and they could be sitting on the upgrade.  There's nothing much that McAfee can do in that regard.   Hopefully it will filter through eventually.




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            Ex_Brit....good to see you again. I had to change my user name with this new site. I used to be photo111 and we had any number of conversations over the years.


            Anyway, I am NOT using IE11...I am still on IE9...and IE 10 is no longer offered. So, that must be my issue.

            I do keep my IE9 patched, but, I am a Chrome user and IE's reputation is SO bad, I no longer use it. Which is why I haven't moved to IE11.


            Anyway, I am hoping my McAfee is keeping me safeguarded even with the older user interface. Can you confirm that for me? The software itself indicates I am protected. I just want to make sure.


            Lastly, and FYI....for your files. If a Windows user has NOT installed all of the .NET patches/updates, McAfee will not be able to update. Hope that helps somewhere down the road.


            Best regards and great to see you again Ex_Brit...you have always done a great job here. I'll be looking for your response.

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              Peter M

              You don't need to use IE or even have it as your default, please download IE11 as it makes your entire system safer (other processes use it even if you don't).   Then maybe the software might be kinder to you.

              12.8 is OK but not as secure as v14.x

              I also suggest installing .net versions as offered by Windows Update.

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                Peter M

                BTW photo111 is still an active profile.