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    ACE - Historical and Real-time setup and use - QUESTIONS





      • Should we use the Default Policy for both real-time and historical ACEs?  Or should they each have their own policies?


      • Should our historical Ace have all correlations disabled and only have the adhoc ones disabled at the time we need to search historically?


      • The default policy shows the correlations all set to On-Demand?  What is real-time?  Should our real-time ACE be running real-time correlations?


      • Can you provide an example Real-time ACE policy and a Historical ACE policy?


      • How do you setup and use Risk Based correlation on ACE?  Do you configure it for Historical?

      • What is the benefit of having the GTI subscription with ACE?


      • What steps need to be taken to perform a historical ACE search and what should be done post search (disable the custom correlation, remove filter, etc?)


      • What type of maintenance should occur on the ACE (purging of logs, etc)



      Thanks for any help or direction!  Scott