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    Return of the return of the iTunes bug


      Hello, all,


      I'm experiencing the iTunes bug again, the one where the virus scan eat the iTunes preference file. It hadn't happened in a while, then the 10/4 update brought it back. The 10/5 update seemed to cure it, but the 10/6 update (that's today's update) has restored it again. The virus definitions are the only things that have changed; I didn't do anything to iTunes in the last couple of weeks. Anyone else experiencing this bug again? It seems to come and go at random intervals.

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          It was gone a few days, but new update and voila, it's back today. Any chance of a fix?

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            Are you absolutely sure it's VirusScan?  I'm not seeing any issues here.  Is iTunes totally up to date and installed in the default fashion, i.e. no parts of it relocated to another drive for example?  If it was happening the file in question would be sitting in your Quarantine folder (Navigation > Quarantined and Trusted Items).

            Best contact Technical Support if so.  It's a free phone call: Consumer Technical Support (alter Country @ top right as needed)

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              It's certainly possible that it's iTunes disagreeing with McAfee instead of vice versa. The problems started after the latest update to iTunes in late September, though how soon after I can't remember. It seems to come and go as new virus definitions are posted. There's nothing wrong with the iTunes installation itself and there's nothing in the quarantine. So I don't know what it is. I'll just keep an eye on it, as I don't have time to go through the technical support process right now.

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                Well you could ask Technical Support I suppose but that will probably get no concrete answer.   What are iTunes people saying?  Blaming anything but their code I would imagine if I know them.

                Check Event Viewer for clues. like a driver or process failing to start on time, that could be the answer.

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                  If I recall what was said internally about this, the general consensus was that an iTunes process, not sure what, was probably taking too long to start and it may have resulted in it being blocked as suspicious activity by our software (that would mean it wouldn't appear anywhere in Quarantine of course).  But nobody ever pinned that down to any particular process and in time it cured itself.

                  I suspect it's Apple's coding that's at fault and always have whenever this has been raised.

                  Do you have iTunes set to start with Windows, or when the device is plugged in?   Those settings I've never used personally and could explain why I never see it.