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      I know that VSE is only the antivirus program. But I'm confused as to what the firewall is. We would need a firewall to compliment VSE, but have no clue what it is. Firewall, HIPS, etc, we're not sure.

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          VSE has a very basic firewall.  It can restrict traffic on specific ports in or out, but you can't create rules with respect to specific IP addresses.


          HIPS has a built-in firewall component.  There is also a firewall-only version of HIPS that you can use, and it is included with some of McAfee's suite packages, as well.

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            Ok, thanks. I'll toss HIPS on there and test it out.

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              Hi nthnu,


              Antivirus (Av) detect virus based on pre-defined signature & it does not  protect from vulnerability of the system but Hips does not work only on signature based but it also work on system behaviour based & Protocol.


              Hope it make you understand..