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    VSE 8.8 Patch 6 not applying exclusions on Windows 7?


      Hey everyone,

      Weird one...I am seeing an issue where it seems that on access scanner exclusions for general processes are not being excluded, for example;

      Workstation is having a program installed through the Software Center, downloads the files to the CCMCACHE folder under ***.DBRTEMP and *** (just the folder name, not .DBRTEMP following)


      Once it downloads, both folders are deleted straight away and it fails to install.

      This works fine in Windows 8.1


      I have the CCMCACHE and CCM folders excluded from the workstation process to scan.

      If I disabled the Scan on Read from the options and leave Scan on Write - it works fine on the Windows 7 machine.....but those two folder locations are meant to be excluded already for read and write and including the subfolders within.  CCMEXEC.EXE is also excluded.


      Anyone shed some light on this?  The policies say they are applied when viewing on the Directory Managemt --> View assigned policies


      There are no access protections or other entries listed in any of the log files for McAfee, the only thing I have to go on currently is that the file that the install fails on per the CCM log viewer is different each time and has chinese type of characters as part of the failure message.