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    ePO communicating with agents sporadically - "server is too busy" and "failed to connect"


      Hey All,


      Since Friday my ePO (5.1.0) has been throwing strange errors, nothing was changed to this server to my knowledge.


      The server.log shows the follow sorts of errors repeatedly



      20151006093336E#05260NAIMSERVnaSPIPE.cpp(338): Failed to connect to "internal IP address":8081, network error was 10060
      20151006093336E#05260NAIMSERVServer failed to wake up machinename.domain.com, detailed error = -999
      20151006093337E#06244MOD_EPOServer is too busy (245 connections) to process request
      20151006093337E#03120MOD_EPOServer is too busy (245 connections) to process request



      Also checking agent handler page i keep seeing my agent handler in DMZ and on ePo going into inactive mode, restarting the apache process brings it back out of inactive mode but this is every twenty mins or so.


      McAfee told me to add more ram as its a resource issue(server has 8GB, SQL is on another box and its currently using 4GB).