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    Mailq: submit spam samples for learning to MEG?




      We are using both McAfee E-mail Gateway (7.6) and MQM (7.0.1) to manage our incoming and outgoing e-mails. Every now and then, some of our users receive an e-mail that hasn't been catched by the spam filters. My question is, is there a way to train our McAfee E-mail Gateways / MQM with spam samples?


      For testing, I have install the MCST on a virtual computer with Outlook 2010. I can submit potential spam messages to MQM and then see said message in the "user submitted queue". However, I can only then choose to send this sample to the McAfee Reserach Center. How do you submit those messages for spam training locally (as in, not send them to McAfee)?


      I have gone through and beyond every menu both in MQM and our mail gateways but can't seem to locate somewhere you can configure spam apprenticeship with submitted samples from users or MQM.    


      Any ideas or is this not possible?