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    Push Agent with AD Sync issues




      I am new to ePO, but have successfully installed version 5.3.0 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 server (which is also a backup domain controller), and have manually pushed the agent to some of the clients in our domain.  I have also registered our active directory server in ePo, and have successfully setup and run an AD sync server task to add the remaining computers to the system tree.  I would like the agent to be automatically pushed to new clients that are discovered during an AD sync, and from what I have read, this should be an easy task to setup.  However, I can't find WHERE to set this up.  When I setup the AD sync server task, there is no option to enable/disable pushing the agent to newly discovered clients.  In addition, when I use the Guided Configuration dashboard to perform an AD sync, the Push Agent option is grayed out, so I can't select it, and is says "Push settings: not configured" and the "Configure Settings" button is also grayed out.


      Any ideas as to what is going on?

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          Okay thats a simple one.

          Solution a) is you create a new query that filters for systems in your Systemtree-syncfolder that have no agent installed. Then you create a new servertask thats runs for example hourly, select the query you created and as a subtask you run the "deploy McAfee Agent" task with all the details you like add there.

          Solution b) would be to create a global Client-task attached to your Systemtree-root or if you like it better to your ad-sync-folder. Here you can create an Agent-Deployment task. In this case i would choose the "run immediately" option.


          If you  need more advice feel free to ask.




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            Hello BFranklin03

            configuration of Push task :

            1: Click on System tree.

            2. highlight the group , below My organization

            3 Click on Group details , click on edit ad1.jpg


            4. scroll down , to the push agent , and configure ad2.jpg


            5. When you are done. don't forget to save .

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              Thanks, that's the screen I was looking for.  I just didn't know where to find it.  Everything works great now when new PCs are added to AD, and I also have a task that deploys the agent to any unmanaged system every hour just in case it didn't get deployed when it was initially added to AD.