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    Protection Pilot reaches end of life - upgrade to ePO?

      I just found out that Protection Pilot has reached the end of life status. I renewed some licences and now I can't download Protection Pilot anymore. I thought I had chosen the wrong license, but my distributor said that Protection Pilot is no longer offered by McAfee. This has been confirmed by McAfee (I just called them).

      All Protection Pilot users should use ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) from now on. The problem is that McAfee has not yet confirmed that ePO 4.0 works with Small Business Server. Also, I can't find any upgrade instructions for PP -> ePO. Apparently you should upgrade to ePO 3.6.1 first..

      Has anybody upgraded PP to ePO? Is anybody running ePO 4.0 on SBS yet? Ifso, which service packs do you have installed?

      Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!