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    Quarantined Files that can't be restored because there are too many


      OK, long story short, I got a virus on my computer which put the .vbs extension on each .jpg on my computer.  Mcafee quarantined every file which ended up being around 35k of them and because there are so many Mcafee freezes and wont restore them.  I was able to locate the Quarantined folder that is housing all of the files but they are zipped and password protected.  I can unzip the folder but when I go to click on the picture the password prompt comes up.


      Has anyone run into this?  Any idea what I can do?  I spent almost 3 hours on the phone with Mcafee and not a single person has been able to help because they all say the only way to do it is by restoring it through Mcafee.  I attached a picture of what the file looks like in quarantine.  Thank you for any help!