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    ePO and MOVE




      I am working on a project for implementing McAfee ePO in a company and they also want to implement MOVE product for their virtual Machines, including Servers and Desktops. ePO part is finished, but when reached to the part of MOVE implementation, company is saying they dont have any more server for the project. As per McAfee, the best practice is to install ePO and OSS on different servers.


      Now, the company want to install both ePO and OSS on the same server which is having good processor and 8GB of RAM. They are ready to increase the RAM up to 16GB.


      Could you please let me know that, is it ok to install both on the same Server? Also if ok, what precautions have to be taken for the same.


      Also the company is running virtual desktops on "NComputing" Technology. I would like to know that, MOVE can support "NComputing"?



      Many thanks in advance,


      Abdul Majeed.

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