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    Unwanted Program....


      Over the last 3 days or so I keep getting the warning as follows:


      McAfee Notice.JPG


      I click remove and get the message that it could be part of a suit etc …..click OK to remove, so I click ’OK’ nothing happens for a few seconds then the whole process starts again, I did install the free version of Spotify could it be connected to that?

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                    I would try running Malwarebytes (Free) followed up with AdwCleaner. You can obtain these Superb (Free) applications and more here:Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


                     To keep Malwarebytes (Free) DO NOT enable the Free trial Version/or Activate the Paid/Pro Version. The (Free) version will suffice, simply update each time you scan. This program is a 'Compliment' to your McAfee Software.


                      Kindly post back your results.


          All the Best,


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            These (2) Articles are most informative as to how this 'Potentially Unwanted Program' arrived on your system.

            PUPs - Potentially Unwanted Programs - Basics

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              Thanks for your replies cat daddy, I ran Malwarebytes once about 2-3 years ago and it must have clashed with something else on my PC as I had some problems and finished up removing it, I also read your links but just could not remove the pup or determine what program it belonged to, in the end I got so fed up with McAfee pop ups asking if I wanted to remove and then repeatedly failing to do so that I did a MS restore which for the first time did not work, so much for MS, I really am annoyed that a paid for suit “McAfee” could not prevent or remove this thing, still in the end I tried a DELL restore (not the full one) and this worked. The only thing that may have some bearing upon this is that I have moved from IE to Opera could this be it? 

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                Peter M

                I can assure you that Malwarebytes Free will not interfere with anything on your system other than malware.

                See Free 3rd Party Tools" halfway down this page:  Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools

                (As posted by Catdaddy earlier)

                You've probably downloaded an unnoticed "extra" along with something else.   Nowadays one has to monitor downloads very carefully all the time.




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                  Peter M

                  You might also want to run AdwCleaner, also on that page.

                  I just realised you stated that you ran a Dell restore.  That would most likely have returned your machine toi a much earlier state.  Make sure that you update your operating system fully, all aspects of it, including Internet Explorer even if you never use it.

                  Btw, there is no such thing as a 100% perfect antivirus.   Much of your security comes from safe computing.

                  Antivirus software protects against millions of infections and tens of thousands are added daily, but some are designed to defeat even the best one.

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                                 You are quite welcome. Basically my Colleague said it all. If I were to add anything, is like he said . ( All aspects of your system) should be updated/current. This includes Adobe Flash Player/Add-ons/Extensions, etc. Pay close attention to the (Optional Offers) bundled with your Downloads.


                                 Make certain of course your McAfee Software is Current/Up to date also.


                                   As for Malwarebytes (Free). Some of these Nasities require you to use the 'Chameleon Tool' to install the application. Other than that I have never experienced any issues at all. Since you have basically said you resolved your issue by 'Reverting back in time'- System Restore. I will mark this thread as Assumed Answered.


                                    Should you have any further issues, feel free to start another thread.


                    All the very best,


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