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    Logon Collector API


      I'm trying to query the MLC 3.0 API in order to get login information.  I'd like to use the ListAllLogins API.


      The beginning of the doc mentions this:


      Authentication is needed to access the APIs.


      Should I use the Login API call for the authentication ?


      If so, the documentation provides the following:


      POST https://<MLC_IP>:<port>/rest/MLC/v1/bindingstore/{domain



      "ipaddress": "",

      "username": "user1",

      "computername": "computer1",

      "logintime": "1405593089629",

      "timeout": "28800"




      I tried to create a login entry by using the following command:


      curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"ipaddress:<my ip address>","username:<my domain account>","computername:<my computer>","logintime:1443811496000","timeout:28800"}' https://<mlc server>:8444/rest/MLC/v1/bindingstore/{mydomain.example}



      The server returning an "not authorized" error.


      What am i doing wrong ?