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    What does 'repost' mean?


      What's the difference between the 2 download options below? I don't understand what 'Repost' means? Why offer both with the same name if different? Why not call it VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 patch 6.1?


      VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 patch 6

      VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 Repost Patch 6

      Thank you for any help or suggestions.

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          Repost = full installer, meant for new installations

          Patch = patch package for existing installations

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            Thanks for the reply.


            If repost = full installer then what would the proper install order be for VSE 8.8 p6?


            Is this statement correct? ==> Based on what I see below and your info, if I want VSE to be at version, then I should install "VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 Repost Patch 6", but then still need to install "VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 patch 6".


            If it helps, I'm trying to install VSE on Windows 10 Ent on a Surface Pro 3.

            Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 2.23.55 PM.png

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              Ignore the version number on the patch post. It's not relevant to anything. If you're doing a new install, use the repost, period. The repost packages are called "repost" because they are re-postings of the full installer with the patches integrated in.


              If you're upgrading existing systems from an older patch revision, use the patch package. Both are designed to be checked into your ePO server


              After the installation of either the full installer or the patch, the version shown in ePO and on the endpoint will be and Patch level 6.

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                Thank you for the clarification tomz2. Very much appreciated.