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    Spoke to McAfee tech, said I needed a network firewall?  Many people on my I.P. address???


      Hey!  I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge.  I have been scouring the forums this morning in regards to an issue I spoke to McAfee technician about last night on my father's laptop.  All I know (for future reference) is, he has Windows 8, bout the computer maybe 2 years ago, we have WiFi through a router with our local cable company. 


      My dad bought McAfee Firewall I think, and installed it two days ago bc his computer won't let him log onto his bank account anymore after installing the Firewall, and won't let him look at weather.com 7 day forecast.  He keeps getting the message at the top that says we have blocked this content for.... yada yada yada.... So I thought maybe I could save them as "safe" websites, well that didn't work, all the normal, rebooting, defrag, etc. none of that worked.


      So I called McAfee since the NEW problem was with the firewall blocking the websites he's been previously using forever

      As I was telling the technician about everything, I allowed him access into my father's laptop and he started showing me all the ad pop ups that shouldn't be there (Which my father says are a neuisance but put up with anyways bc the pop up blocker was still turned on but they kept coming up. He would just ignore them.  Eventually the technician got fed up with me showing him the websites and the error messages and took control (Thank goodness) and started pulling up these files that we needed to delete that shouldn't be there and then pulled up something with a black background and white font that showed our I.P. address and where we were logged in, and then ALLLLL the other people (I'm assuming) that are logged in and "waiting" for my father to click on a pop up ad.  There were over 100 "waiting" and already 3-5 that had access. 


      The technician kept saying "oh, wow"  or "oh my!" and ended up showing me something called rundll23exe ??  I meant to write it down but I thought I could remember it.  He made me read outloud the description of this and it stated that it was a very malicious threat to the network, etc.  Basically he told me he could not help me and would have to forward me to someone else who in turn could help with getting a "Network Firewall" for about $150 for the first month.


      We could not afford that at the moment but will be something we will look into if these responses are all the same as his was.  My brother thought maybe we could just 'assign' my father a new I.P. address or call the cable company and see if they could bring out a new router?  Wouldn't that just stop the threat since it's a new I.P. and not the old one?? ((or is that just wishful thinking?))


      Any info/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks so much!

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