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    Tuning MOVE 3.6 Agentless ODS


      Does anyone know how to tune the On Demand Scan settings? recommendations, best practices, etc. I've got 10 hosts with 3.6.1 agentless on them. ODS window is for 3 hours on weeknights, plus 6 hours on weekends, 7 day interval, 4 scans at  time per host, scan timeout of 60 minutes so that scans starting before 11pm will cancel out before backups kick off at Midnight.


      The problem I'm seeing is that the majority of scans are failing to complete. Probably a 20% success, 80% cancel rate. I'm sure its because of the 60 minute window but I don't know how to tune things to be more successful, other than increase the allowed scan time. Are there any best practices out there about increasing maximum SVM cache? maximum file size to store in cache? maximum concurrent ODS per SVM? are there any tools that can help me identify if a larger cache would help? how much larger? etc?


      Ideally I'd like to figure out how to reduce the time to complete an ODS rather than increase the length the ODS can run for.

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          It is hard to do with Agentless.   With Multi-platform, it is possible to exclude any files that are signed by a trusted Microsoft certificate.   That will bring down your scan time considerably.  Unfortunately, that is not possible with Agentless since the VMware driver does not support publisher exclusions.  The only exclusions supported are based on filename or filepath.  I am not sure if that will help you prune what you scan.

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            Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed with the opacity of Agentless. It doesn't have MVADMIN like MOVE MS has which I find odd. MOVE support also wasn't able to tell me if increasing the cache count would benefit me or the pros/cons for it even at a basic level. they were able to tell me that once the ODS scan window ends all scanning ends too. if a file is currently being scanned it will finish but no additional files will start scanning. this allowed me to add an additional hour of ODS scanning in since I had previously though that if an ODS kicked off before the window closed, it would run until the scan was complete or until the scan timeout hit. but that's not the case, if the ODS window ends the scans end as well regardless of the scan timeout. which is a bit interesting, because if I look at ePO ODS queries, I can see new scans kick of 3 minutes before the ODS window ends, then an hour later (60 minute scan timeout) I see the logs show the scan was cancelled due to the scan timeout. so it seems the ODS window will stop scanning, but the scan will still be considered on-going by ePO and there's no log status that indicates the ODS window closed. not a big deal, but if you're tuning based on logs like I was it's a bit misleading.