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    New to EPO: Manage Norton

      Brand new to EPO, just installed and am beginning to setup version 4.0.
      How do I manage Norton Corp AV? I'm assuming I need to install a .zip, but where is it located?
      Second, what level of management will I get with Symantec? Reporting only? full management? somewhere in between?
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          all this questions is under epo 4 product guide..

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            Can you please provide a page number, as I have read through the product guide and only read brief references to the fact that it's possible, not the "how"
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              While I can appreciate the "RTFM" of the initial reply, can anyone please provide me with a solid answer or at least location in said documentation?
              As mentioned, I have read through the entire product guide while configuring the software, and following the reply here, did an additional search of the document for "Norton" (0 finds in the product guide) and "Symantec" (2 finds. One to say that it is indeed supported, a second to say any updates will take up to 3 minutes for Symantec to be updated).
              So please, while I don't discount the possibility that I missed something in the product guides, if anyone has information to guide me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.