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    Loosing email from providor


      Over the past several months my husband has had his email completely disappear from his computer and from CenturyLink's server twice.  Last week for the first time my emails did the same.  No devices have been added to our household and we did not change any of our settings until under the advice of CenturyLink I did so as a possible remedy for what happened. CenturyLink say the messages went to a "mail client" but I don't know who or what that might be.  My phone and tablet also lost their messages.  I have Mcafee on all my devices.  Any ideas would be a help.

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                      This sounds most unusual to say the least. I would recommend running the McAfee Getsusp Tool. Please add your email address under 'Preferences' before scanning. For second opinions I would also run Malwarebytes (Free), followed up by running AdwCleaner.


                         These (Free) Superb tools and others can be obtained from here: Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools  In addition you can also contact Technical Support 24/7 via Phone/Online chat being more expedient.

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                         I might add also, please make certain you are current and up to date with your Windows Updates/Add-ons to include Internet Explorer. Even if you have chosen not to use it as your 'Default' Browser. McAfee and other vital processes require it to be. Also determine if you have the latest Adobe Flash Player ( v19.0.0.185)


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                                 Could you kindly apprise us if your issues have been resolved? Or if you still need assistance?


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                Peter M

                khandine I would, as a precaution, change all your passwords associated with your email accounts, and with your ISP.

                I'm not convinced the problem is at your end.

                But if you want to make sure read the Free Tools link Catdaddy provided, near the end, and follow the instructions regarding Hijackthis as it might be wise to have logs analysed by dedicated anti-malware experts.

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