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    Info on How to Add Firewall Rules and Whitelist applications in ePO\HBSS




      I'm relatively new to McAfee ePO (HBSS as we know it in the government contractor world) and need some info on how to do things. I'm looking for a quick guide or pointers on what to do with a system when an application isn't working properly or ports are blocked because of McAfee\HBSS.


      The current ePO admins here have been moving clients into the Adaptive mode when an application isn't working or computers aren't communicating properly. The hope is that McAfee ePO client will add rules to allow for the application and\or open the necessary ports for communication. They take a system out of Adaptive mode and things stop working again. No one actually knows how to add rules or understands this system. I took the FedVTE training for HBSS and can navigate around but I don't remember them covering the firewall or allowing applications,


      I'm supposed to take over our McAfee ePO\HBSS at our loation. I'm reading the HIPS 8.0 product guide documentation. Seems to be a lot of other docs. I'd appreciate any advice.