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    ePO sees two OSS, SVA only uses one


      I recently deployed a 2nd OSS server and an SVA to manage them, however the SVA only assigns clients to the 1st server.

      ePO - 5.3

      Agent -
      VSE -

      MOVE AV multiplatform / SVA -


      The 2nd OSS server was made by cloning the 1st and using a clean install of the Agent, AV 8.8, and the OSS application. Both clients are receiving the same policy, and both show up when running the report titled "OSS connected with SVA Manager". They have identical tags, they're in the same subnet, and are regularly communicating with the ePO server. Policy is set to assign to clients based on an IP address range,


      The SVA server is able to assign clients to the first server, but not the 2nd. When I review the svaManager.log file, I see no reference to the 2nd server's name or IP address.  It appears it's only trying to use the 1st, even though it keeps running into capacity issues.

      SVA Policy.PNG

      OSS Policy.PNGSystem Tree.png


      Please let me know if you need any additional details.