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    How to remove HIPS


      Hi All,


      I am working on EPO 4.6, and having error "HIPS unknown" status at console for  Windows Server 2008 machine.

      How i can remove HIPS from Server machine by runing Task from EPO.


      also McAfee Icon is not showing on machine it was showing earlier (right of the corner)

      any command for removing HIPS and command for McAfee Agent Status Monitor.




      Thanks in Adv


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          Peter M

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            There are a few ways to fix. Look in the C:\Windows\Temp\McAfeeLogs folder, youll notice all of the HIPS logs and install logs...clean the folder out...delete the data in the folder but leave the folder.  Try and removing now via epo.



            If that still doesn't work, contact your McAfee/Intel rep...there is a tool that can be added to ePO to use as policy or you can use the executable on the host that will force remove hips and all hips data. They can send the tools to you.

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              Hips Removal.JPG


              If you need help in creating a removal task in the system tree, select what part of the tree you wish to apply this task to and go to the Assigned Client Tasks tab and create a new client task. 


              Use McAfee Agent>Product Deployment>Create new Task


              The screen attached is the Task creation, you can set a product to deploy or remove.

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                Hi Razi,


                I had already discussed how to remove hips from particular client machine and also agree with Scott.


                If you want to display McAfee Agent monitor console on client machine use below command in command prompt.


                program files x86\mcafee\common framework\cmdagent.exe /s >  or refer KB52707