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    McAfee Agent Communication Problem


      Hi fellas,


      I successfully deployed McAfee agent on 20 workstations (windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2012 R2) and they were good but now after a few days some workstations got a problem, the agent on the workstations can't communicate with ePO server, I mean when a press the Check New Policies button on the clients nothing happens. in addition this workstations become into gray color on the McAfee Agent Compliance Summary in ePO web console.

      Also i checked the agent log file on a client "C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Agent\logs\masvc_<Computer Name>.log" and i saw this:


      2015-09-29 09:57:08.134 masvc(2384.2760) ahclient.Warning: no network available. raise alert request is ignored...

      2015-09-29 09:57:08.134 masvc(2384.2760) policy.Error: Failed to raise a spipe alert


      the problem will solve with a system restart.


      thank you for your helps...

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          It sounds like a GPO was pushed possibly, or your ports were blocked. But if a reboot is fixing it, possibly not.


          Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework



          Scroll to the bottom and double click UpdaterUI


          This will force the red shield on your system, right click the shield and open the McAfee Agent Status Monitor and try and force an update locally.

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            Thank you for your reply!


            problem didn't solve...

            windows firewall is off so all ports are allowed


            is there any way to restart masvc service

            i want to check if it works

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              You should be able to open services by typing services.msc in the little blank area above start (for Windows 7)

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                let me ask you this: Did you do the install yourself? Either way, do this....masvc is McAfee Agent Service if I'm not mistaken. In 9 years of McAfee & HBSS installs, the only time I usually see a masvc issue is when the installer didn't run the initial framepkg.exe that comes with the installation, which I am not really surprised by as it is buried fairly deep. This kicks off as the Master Agent within ePO.


                This has to be done on the ePO server itself:


                go to


                C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3000\Install\0409


                Inside that folder is an  executable called Framepkg. That is the Agent Installer package that should be the First agent installed on the ePO server. Afterwards you can update as needed. By not running this one first, the ePO console see's the ePO server as just another server to manage. I have had to fix issues when people deploy Solidcore and ePO blocks applications to itself....not good.




                Let me state that this is an agent fix, it wont affect ePO services or policies. If you already have an agent installed on the ePO server, lets remove it, before running the Framepkg. To do this, open a CMD prompt window and type:

                      cd C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework


                So that your changing the directory to the Common Framework folder, then  type this:


                      frminst.exe /forceuninstall


                That will clear out the Common framework folder, and when you run the Framepkg, it will be a clean install.


                No need to reboot or anything, when done. Simply log into ePO now, and go to Software Manager and get your updates. Once that finishes, Do a system wide wakeup call, and that should resolve your error.



                ** now, for systems that wont wake up you can do the agent removal as posted above, but don't use that master Framepkg after you use it on the ePO server. Go into ePO and create one from the ePO server.



                to do that, go to System Tree> Select "My Organization (or whatever the top of your tree is labeled)>New Systems>The 4th bubble down says "Create and download agent installation package.


                Select that and leave unchecked "Embed Credentials" unless you want to have to put credentials in whenever you use that installer.


                Deploy that Framepkg to any system that isn't communicating to ePO. I usually relabel mine by date and domain...like Test_21SEP15_Framepkg but do whatever works.


                You don't have to remove the previos agent before installing the new agent, but I have had issues pop up in the past when a clean install didn't occur...best to just avoid more issues.


                Hope that fixes your issue.