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    how to delete a computer I no longer own from my Subscription list




      I have had a three-device Subscription with McAfee All Access - Internet Security -- through Windstream -- since January 15, 2015 when I switched my internet service to them. 


      On Sept. 12  I purchased a second computer (Dell Laptop) which I immediately put McAfee on too since I have a three device subscription.  However,  after using the Laptop for about 10 days I realized it wasn't what I wanted.  So. after removing all the programs I had installed on it (including McAfee),  I returned it to the store this past Saturday that I purchased it from for a refund.


      I now notice that the Laptop that I returned is still listed under "Manage Subscriptions"  in my Online Account.  I am trying to find out how to delete it.


      Today, I talked to someone from McAfee and they told me Windstream would have to be the one to delete the McAfee program from my Online Account for the computer I just returned because I purchased McAfee through them.  However, when contacting Windstream they told me that McAfee is who I had to talk too.


      So, before calling McAfee back I decided to post on this forum to see if anyone had any ideas?


      Thanks and regards,