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    Poor service


      McAfee has an automated renewal on our accounts and you can only remove it once you have an account. The terms and conditions state that we will receive a notification before the auto renewal is due and if we do not respond to it then the funds will be deducted from ones account 30 days BEFORE the expiration of the current agreement. I never received a notification, but the funds were duly taken from my credit card. I stopped using McAfee two months ago and did not want to renew the agreement.

      I accepted that I had not removed the auto renewal, but also did not receive the notification as per the agreement at which time I could have removed the auto renewal. I also did not receive an invoice for the funds deducted, and this went of our business bank account.

      I sent an email to customer services on 8 September and again on 16 September asking them to send me the details for the renewal so that I could reinstall McAfee as I knew they would not refund me the $79.99. I have received NO replies from them.

      On 21 September I then sent the same message to the support team, and received a service number 1829188343. But no further communication about my problem.

      My computer has now been unprotected for the last week and the McAfee people are simply not responding.

      Your service sucks.

      Can you PLEASE reply!