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    Uninstall Endpoint 10 Threat Prevention


      I've been battling for a few hours longer than I would normally with this, but I'm now out of options.


      I am trying to reinstall the Threat Prevention part of Endpoint Protection v10


      There was initially something wrong with the original install after an upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

      Now here's the route that has got me to this point.


      Upgraded to Windows 10, created a new local admin user, logged on as the user, removed the old admin user that was linked to a Microsoft Account.


      From the new local admin account, I went through the normal procedure that I've done time and time again, used the uninstall tool from asap admin area, shut down, restart, install Threat Prevention.


      Install hung at 6% installing prerequisites, restart laptop, run uninstall tool again.


      Program still appears in add/remove programs and I have two services still running: McAfee Management Service & McAfee Process Validation Service


      If I use the add/remove programs options, I receive an error stating that it is unable to write or create a temp file, system error code 5.


      I also receive messages stating that I have the following files missing: LogLib.dll, blframework.dll & McVariantExport.dll


      I have also read all the options of manually removing registry entries but none of these match any of my registry entries and most of them are all locked and unable to edit or delete relating to McAfee.


      Thanks in advance

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          HELP ME TOO! 


          I am having somewhat the same issue.  I went to update McAfee on my server and it failed.  So I went to uninstall and the uninstall wouldn't finish.  Then I downloaded the McAfee uninstaller and it too failed, giving me the "blframework.dll is missing".  I am unable to complete the uninstall of Endpoint 10 Threat Prevention, nor am I able to reinstall a new version.


          I hope someone has an answer because there's not much out there on the web that sounds like a good solution.



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            Well.... I had to give up and put the laptop back in to service for a minute.


            My only option I was left with was to factory reset/reinstall the device, but I wasn't prepared for that just yet and the laptop was urgently needed.


            As a side note though, I've not had issues running Endpoint 10 on Windows 10, some instances have worked far better by uninstalling any Endpoint protection before proceeding with the upgrade to Windows 10 and then reinstalling afterwards.


            Even to this day, I find computers the strangest of creatures, you can have 20 identical machines, yet one will, for whatever reason, have a hissy fit!