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    EPO 4.6.9 Crash! cant access dashboard and other sections!


      Hi All I am running EPO 4.6.9 on Server 2003 SP2

      This morning when I came to work my server was frozen and unresponsive, I couldn’t login to the server either by remote or physically using ctrl+alt+delete. also I could not ping the server. I eventually decided to unplug it and give it a cold boot. After i plugged back in the server it booted up loaded windows and was there running but when I tried to logon to to EPO via the web browser i notice some error messages on the end of the EPO login page, I was able to login to  to EPO but I can only Access the Contacts section I dont see Dashboard, Systems, Software and the other sections. Please see Screenshot below!


      How can i fix the Errors in the screenshot below so i can access my Dashboard, Systems, Software sections on my EPO server?

      Any Help appreciated.. Thanks much

      Screenshot from epo-crash 2015-09-24 10:20:21.png

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          I contacted Mcafee Gold Support and they was able to help me resolved the issue.

          It seems that after I gave the server a cold boot (unplugged it) because it was unresponsive/frozen I lost some .xml files from /Catalina/Localhost directory in the process. Luckily I did nightly backup so I was able to restore those files and started EPO and we was back in business. Tech support told me they would have to create those missing 20+ .xml files by hand if I never had the backups.


          Many Thanks Tech Support!