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    Congratulations McAfee on being truly awful


      Genuinely worse than any virus I could ever wish for, it's like some shoddy programmer's funny joke - Lets create an antivirus that eats all the power out of your computer before spamming you to death with mindless notifications, updates and unrequited restarts. Even better, lets have it come free as an add-on for literally every single thing on the internet. That way, when the foolish user forgets to un-tick the appropriate box for the billionth when they're trying to install a completely unrelated program, we'll crawl inside their world and make it hell.


      McAfee Scanner Service sucks up about 40% of my CPU ability even when it's not doing anything, and constantly bombards me asking for updates to the point where I disabled half of it, hoping for a brief reprieve. No such luck. I now get hammered with incessant notifications tell me that I should reactivate or search for updates.


      Just thought you guys should know. I'm uninstalling this right now and will recommend absolutely any other antivirus program. EVEN Norton is better than this. Hell, i'm going to go out of my way to warn people what a truly horrible service you are and post it on every forum I can find.


      I hope you all step on a plug.